apprenticeship-ambassadorsThe UK Government has announce the appointment of a number of new ambassadors to champion the benefits of apprenticeships and raise awareness of the opportunities that they provide for people of all ages.

In making he announcement Anne Milton, the MP for Guildford and Minister for Apprenticeships and Skills said;

All the reforms we have introduced will make sure that there are high quality apprenticeship opportunities for millions of people of all ages and from all backgrounds. We want everyone to have the skills to get a job with prospects, and for employers to have the skilled workforce they need. Since May 2015 we have seen over 1.1 million apprenticeship starts.

The new appointments are designed to build on this platform by targeting specific areas raiding awareness. The three new MP ambassadors are Maria Caulfield MP, Stephen Metcalfe MP, Trudy Harrison MP.

Anne Milton also confirmed the appointment of Trudy Harrison MP for Copeland as the Co-Chair of the Apprenticeship Delivery Board and Dominic Unsworth as SME Ambassador.

Helen Grant MP has replaced Nus Ghani MP as the Chair of the Apprenticeship Diversity Champions Network.



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