Institute of Apprenticeships launches new websiteThe Institute for Apprenticeships has launched it’s own website providing it with’s own online home no longer within the UK Government portal.

The move is a further demonstration of the steps forward the Institute has already made since it’s launched in April 2017.

Working in tandem with employers the Institute continues to develop apprenticeship standards building on the 200 already published since it’s formation.

Chair of the Institute of Apprenticeships, Alan Jenkins, commented;

This new website marks an important step forward for the Institute – I’m proud of the progress we’re making.

It is vitally important for our work that we take a digitally-enabled approach. This is just the first stage for this website, and in time it will form the basis of the way we manage our processes, allowing us to provide a more efficient, more comprehensive and more responsive service to all those involved in our work.

The new website provides useful information about bothe development and delivery of apprenticeships in the UK along with news from the institute. The site may be found here.



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