Insurance Apprenticeships

Insurance Apprenticeship

The Insurance Apprenticeships are the perfect entrance and development path to one of the UK’s largest most successful industry sector/

The programmes are designed to provide the young professional with the knowledge and expertise they need to develop a career in the industry.

The progammes are supported by the the leading Industry bodies the Chartered Institute of Insurance and the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters and the professional qualifications that are avaiable are recognised around the world.

Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship

This programme is designed as the entry level programme for young insurance professionals providing core training in a broad range areas, offering the first formal qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute and the ideal preparation for the Insurance Professional Apprenticehip.more

Insurance Professional Apprenticeship

This programme is designed to progress those who have already completed the Insurance Practitioner Apprenticeship or are higher entry level candidates to the industry. The apprenticeship offers formal professional qualifications supported by the Chartered Insurance Institute and the Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters more


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