Training and Development for Insurance Professionals

The insurance apprenticeships are the ideal way to secure and maintain high quality insurance professional within your business. With a defined code of learning and outcomes you can be assured that your team have the building blocks in place to build the career that suits them and you.

Helping you to realise your goals of operating a successful business, promoting the highest standards of professionalism within your team and delivering the best possible service to your clients.

Over the last few years, many employers will have recognised a drop in the level of available talent struggling to balance the need to employ quality well trained staff against every hardening budgets.

The apprenticeships provide you with the means to ensure that you can capture the best of the talent early on and make sure that you help them develop into the insurance professionals that you need in your business.

Why Choose Blackfriars?

At Blackfriars we have the necessary experience and qualifications to deliver a first class apprenticeship service to you. Our in-house knowledge and first hand experience ensures that your apprentices are working with people from within the industry and are learning alongside their peers from other firms providing all apprentices with direct and relevant experiences to complement their own.

We understand that you may have concerns regarding using a firm that you may be in competition with as a provider but we can guarantee that we will not approach any employees of other organisations during their time with us or for a period of three years after any relationship has ended. That’s certainly not a guarantee that you will find from any others in the market!

Throughout school going to university was never my intention because I wasn’t drawn by spending £9000 a year to achieve a degree that might not even help me.   But I started doing A levels because I felt it was the only option available to me.  The only guidance I received from school was to do A levels followed by progression to university; I didn’t benefit from any guidance about going into the workplace or considering an apprenticeship – in fact, honestly, I received no CV assistance and the concentration was all about completing the UKAS application.

After completing AS levels it hit me that education wasn’t the right environment for me and I felt I had to move on and do something else, but I didn’t know what.  I did regret losing the social aspect of college but I still see my friends and I thought I would form new friendships anyway, which I was looking forward to.

My parents were completely supportive of me; it didn’t come as a shock to them that I wanted to change route, and in fact they agreed that getting out into the workplace would work better for me.   My step-dad actually wandered into businesses who were advertising, on my behalf – and that was the start of my journey with Blackfriars – my step-dad pre-interviewed for me!

Before going for the interview to be an apprentice with Blackfriars, I believed apprenticeships were only available to trade professions like builders and plumbers, with a salary of £2 an hour.   After the interview I felt really happy and enthusiastic about doing an apprenticeship with Blackfriars, which would include professional qualifications and pay me a salary way above the recommended apprenticeship wage.  Learning I had been successful at my interview was a whole new start for me and I was really looking forward to it.

The thought of completing a qualification alongside work was daunting but I have enjoyed learning both ‘on the job’ and ‘off the job’ within my work environment.  It is really challenging to find time to fit studying in alongside the job but I have had excellent support from Blackfriars and I also work and study with two other apprentices, which helps a lot.  I find the guidance and revision sessions from Blackfriars to be really important and know they helped me pass my exams.

I have almost completed my Level 3 framework apprenticeship, from which I will gain a L3 NVQ in General Insurance along with the professional qualification from the Chartered Insurance Institute, Cert CII, and I am definitely incorporating the learning within my job all the time.  I like being able to apply the knowledge I have gained, which directly enables me to understand what I am talking about and helps me to give our clients a better service.

My plan, with the support of Blackfriars, is to continue onto the Level 4 apprenticeship standard ‘Insurance Professional’, which I think will be even more of a challenge for me, but it will be a great opportunity to achieve higher professional qualification alongside a new ‘Trailblazer’ apprenticeship;  I am ready for the challenge!

This is how I now feel about the decision I made:- In 2 years completing A Levels, then 3 years attending university, I could have achieved a degree qualification which may or may not have helped me afterwards.  In the meantime I will have gained truly valuable experience working for all that time, I will have earned far more than the debt I would have built up and I will have meaningful professional qualifications from the Chartered Insurance Institute relating directly to the job I do.

I know I made the right choice!”

Will Tyler

Trainee Insurance Broker, Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd

We have seen a decline in technical standards across the entire industry which, whilst disturbing, is an opportunity for professional insurance intermediaries to distinguish themselves from the competition. We have come round to the ‘if you want something doing, do it yourself’ philosophy, and see apprenticeships as the ideal vehicle to nurture and develop future generations of insurance talent, and this is already bearing fruit for us and will continue to do so as we grow

Steven Lewis ACII FIRM

Chartered Insurance Broker, Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd

At Blackfriars we have learned first hand about the benefits of the insurance apprenticeships. We have seen our employees engage with the scheme and with their peers and develop quickly to demonstrate a level of professionalism in their career which has paid off in the way we can engage with our customers. i am so convinced with the merits of the apprenticeship schemes that I believe it is a service that should be available on a wider scale but is better served managed by full time insurance professionals.

David J Burton ACII

Managing Director, Blackfriars Insurance Brokers Ltd

0161 300 2944 Blackfriars Group

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